Where do Fell ponies come from?

The Fell Pony is a versatile, working breed of mountain and moorland pony originating in the north of England in Cumberland and Westmorland farms of northwest England, and is used as a riding and driving pony.

Are Fell ponies endangered?

Last year, Britain’s Rare Breed Survival Trust reclassified the fell pony as “endangered” on the basis that there are few male bloodlines and an inherited fatal disease, Fell Pony Foal Syndrome, has appeared. The syndrome usually occurs 3-8 weeks after birth when a genetic mutation impairs the foal’s immune system.

Are Fell Ponies good for beginners?

Easily trained and good with people, fell ponies are great riding ponies, known for their sure-footed trot and good hock action, and for their pace and endurance. … Fewer than a dozen people keep ponies on the fells now, some with only three or four animals, and only three breeders have more than 20 mares.

What age do Fell ponies stop growing?

New Member. Not sure about fells but I have a highland and have been told they are not fully grown until 6/7 years. Mine was 11.2 at 6 months, around 12.3 at 2 years, he’s now rising 3 and 13.2 (14.1 at his bum!!).

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How much does a Fell pony cost?

Market prices for weanling Fell ponies start at about $3,500. More mature ponies with training or breeding potential are typically not less than $6,000.

Can Fell ponies jump?

Fell Ponies are reliable jumpers and agile, which makes them useful for cross-country riding or hunting. Most animals of the breed lack the scope to make top-class jumping ponies, but Fells generally are well up to local show or Pony Club event standards.

What is the difference between a Fell pony and a Dales pony?

Nowadays I believe the main differences are height, Fells are usually up to 14hh, whereas Dales are usually slightly larger, up to 14.2hh, or Colour/ markings, Registered Dales are usually black,bay,bay roan (rare) or sometimes a dark dappled grey (quite rare I think.)

Are Ponies good pets?

Ponies Are Loads of Fun!

They are smart, fun and good to have on the farm. Keep an in-the-know attitude when it comes to your pony: Know when it is ill, when it is happy, when it just wants to let loose. Take care of your pony and your pony will take care of you!

How much weight can a 13.2 Fell Pony carry?

Riders of ponies 12.2 hands or under may not weigh more than 117 pounds. Riders of ponies 12.3 – 13.2 hands may not weigh more than 150 pounds. Riders of ponies 13.3 – 14.2 hands may not weigh more than 190 pounds. Riders that exceed 190 pounds may not participate.

Can ponies carry adults?

Breeds such as the Connemara pony are recognized for their ability to carry a full-sized adult rider. Pound for pound ponies can pull and carry more weight than a horse. … Larger ponies can be ridden by adults, as ponies are usually strong for their size.

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What age is a pony fully grown?

By around 12 months old, the horse will have reached roughly 90 percent of their height. After this rapid growth period, the growth rate slows down substantially, typically taking another 4 to 6 years for them to finally reach their maximum height and weight.

Are Fell ponies weight carriers?

“There is a demand for an all-round family pony capable of carrying all members of the family and versatile enough to fulfil a wide variety of jobs previously done by two or three more specialised animals. In this capacity the Fell pony is ideal being well up to the weight of a heavy adult.”

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