Where are the haunches on a horse?

In haunches-in, it is the outside hind leg stepping under the point of weight.

What is haunches in dressage?

Haunches-in, also called travers or tête au mur (“head to the wall” in French), is a lateral movement used in the dressage discipline of horse training. … In haunches-in, the horse bends its hindquarters slightly to the inside of the arena, away from the arena wall, so that the horse is bent in the direction of movement.

What is a half pass in riding?

The half-pass is a lateral movement seen in dressage, in which the horse moves forward and sideways at the same time. Unlike the easier leg-yield, the horse is bent in the direction of travel, slightly around the rider’s inside leg.

What are some dressage moves?

  • The Passage. This is a measured, very collected trot, elevated and cadenced. …
  • The Piaffe. A highly collected trot, cadenced, elevated and giving the impression of being in place. …
  • The Pirouette. …
  • Flying Change of Leg. …
  • Lateral Movements. …
  • The Half-pass.

What’s the difference between half pass and leg yield?

In the leg-yield, the horse is fairly straight or bent slightly away from the direction of travel. In the half-pass, the horse is bent towards the direction of travel, which is physically much more difficult for the horse.

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