What was the name of Hercules horse?

Pegasus (vocal effects by Frank Welker) is the winged horse of Hercules, created by Zeus out of clouds. Pegasus is very true and a great “friend” of Hercules and helps in everything.

Was Hercules a Pegasus horse?

Pegasus, in Greek mythology, a winged horse that sprang from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa as she was beheaded by the hero Perseus. … The winged horse became a constellation and the servant of Zeus. The spring Hippocrene on Mount Helicon was believed to have been created when the hoof of Pegasus struck a rock.

Did Hercules have a horse?

Unaware that the mares were man-eating and uncontrollable, Heracles left them in the charge of his favored companion, Abderus, while he left to fight Diomedes. … As revenge, Heracles fed Diomedes to his own horses and then founded Abdera next to the boy’s tomb.

Is Pegasus in Hercules a girl?

Pegasus was created by Zeus using clouds as a gift for his newborn son, Hercules. … When Hades plots against Hercules, Pegasus is lured and captured by Pain and Panic, who have assumed the form of a female Pegasus.

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Who is Pegasus in Hercules?

Pegasus is a winged horse in Hercules and its television series, Hercules: The Animated Series. Pegasus acts as Hercules’ personal steed. He was voiced by Frank Welker. Pegasus was created by Zeus using clouds as a gift for his newborn son, Hercules.

What is Pegasus sexually?


It’s often referred to as “monogamy +1” (or +2, or however many). Just like in a monogamous relationship, members of the relationship can only date and have sex with each other; they are not open to anyone outside of the relationship.

Is Pegasus a girl or boy?

The name Pegasus is a boy’s name meaning “from a water spring”. The white winged stallion in Greek mythology who sprang from the blood of Medusa when she was beheaded by Perseus. Pegasus was ridden by the hero Bellerophon in his fight against the Chimera.

How did Hercules die?

Hercules Dies By Poison

As their marriage progressed, Deianira eventually became jealous of a young maiden whom she thought had captured Hercules interest. … Hercules was in so much agony after he took the potion that he wished he were dead. Hercules eventually died and after he did, his mortal portion perished.

What was Hercules 7th Labor?

Hercules’ Seventh Labor: the Cretan Bull. After the complicated business with the Stymphalian Birds, Hercules easily disposed of the Cretan Bull. At that time, Minos, King of Crete, controlled many of the islands in the seas around Greece, and was such a powerful ruler that the Athenians sent him tribute every year.

Why did Hercules kill the Amazons?

The encounter between Hercules and the Amazons, the ninth of his Labors, arose from his assignment to seize the girdle of Queen Hippolyte of the Amazons. Admete, the daughter of Eurystheus, had expressed a desire to possess it, and Hercules therefore set off on a mission to satisfy her desire.

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What is Hercules the god of?

In classical mythology, Hercules is famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures.

God of strength and heroes
Hercules battles Achelous, metamorphed into a serpent, 1824, by François Joseph Bosio. Louvre LL 325.
Abode Rome
Symbol Club, Nemean Lion, bow and arrows

How did Pegasus die?

So, he mounted his faithful horse and started his faithful journey upward. Zeus, angered by Bellerophon’s hubris, soon sent a gadfly which stung Pegasus bad enough that the winged horse threw his rider down to earth and to his death.

What is Hercules weakness?

Hercules’ weakness was his temper and lack of intelligence. He was notorious for getting himself into trouble because of his temper.

Did Medusa have a child?


Who trained Hercules to be a hero?

Philoctetes, also known as Phil, is Hercules’ trainer. He is also a satyr. Phil has many hero rules, all of which he has tried to teach to Hercules.

Is Hades a person or a place?

Hades, according to various Christian denominations, is “the place or state of departed spirits”, also known as Hell, borrowing the name of the Greek god of the dead.

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