Question: Who did Mule Skinner Blues?

Who sang the Mule Skinner Blues?

Долли Партон

What did a mule skinner do?

“A muleskinner is a professional mule driver whose sole purpose was to keep the mules moving. The term ‘skinner’ is slang for someone who might ‘skin’ or outsmart a mule. Mules have a characteristic of being very stubborn so outsmarting them to make them move used skill, wit and a type of determination.”

What is a mule skinner drink?

The Mule Skinner

2 ounces Stroudwater Vodka. .5 ounce Fresh Lime Juice. .5 oz Ginger Simple Syrup. Combine all ingredients in small shaking tin, add ice, shake for 8-10 seconds, strain over ice into Old Fashioned glass, garnish with lime wedge and freshly grated nutmeg.

What is a mule driver?

1. mule driver – a worker who drives mules. mule skinner, muleteer, skinner. laborer, labourer, manual laborer, jack – someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor.

Why are they called mule skinners?

7 Answers. I read years ago that muleteers of the Old West were such experts with their long whips that they could snap a horsefly from the ear of a mule in their team without touching the mule’s ear. In such a man’s hand, a whip could cut into a mule’s tough hide; hence the name mule skinner.

What is a MUAL?

MUAL — missing you a lot.

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What does Muleteer mean?

: one who drives mules.

What is tarantula juice?

1. An alcoholic liquor distilled from grain, such as corn, rye, or barley, and containing approximately 40 to 50 percent ethyl alcohol by volume. 2. A drink of such liquor.

Why was the mule driver frightened?

Explanation: King Alphanso got down from his horse. He went to help the mule-driver. … When the mule-driver heard this, he was very frightened.

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