Question: How did John Byro Recognised his horse?

“John Byro did recognize his horse when it was returned from Mourad and Azam. He knew the boys stole the horse from him but still did not accuse them. This was because he wanted to appreciate their honesty which they showed by returning back the horse to him.

Who did John Byro recognize his horse or not?

Answer. here’s your answer : Yes,the farmer John Byro recognized his horse at once but he was not sure about it because he saw that the horse was with Aram and Mourad and these two belongs to Garoghlanian family which is famous for its honesty.

Why did John Byro think that the horse was the twin of his horse?

John Byro was sure the horse that Mourad and Aram were sitting on was his horse that had been stolen; however, he knew the Gargholonian family was famous for their honesty and integrity; he knew no member of Garoghlanian tribe could be a thief; so he thought the horse must be a twin of his stolen horse.

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What did BYRO say about the horse when he found him back?

However, he knew Mourad and Aram belonged to the Gargholonian family which was famous for their honesty and integrity; he knew no member of the Garoghlanian tribe could be a thief; so he said to them the horse which they were sitting on must be a twin of his stolen horse. HOPE IT WILL HELP YOU.

What was John Byro reaction after identifying the horse?

John Byro was awestruck and spellbound by the resemblance the horse bore with that of his own which was stolen from him many weeks ago. He looked into the mouth of the horse. He used the phrase ‘tooth for tooth’ to emphasise the similarity between both the horses.

Who was John Byro Why didn’t he blame the boys for stealing the horse?

Answer. Answer: Because Byro knew that their family was known for its honesty. So, he didn’t accuse the boys of stealing his horse.

How was Mourad’s parting from the beautiful white horse?

Answer. During a short period of time, Mourad and Aram were emotionally attached to the Beautiful White Horse. When they returned the horse to the John Byro farm, Mourad felt very sad on parting with it. He went close to the horse, held it closely and pressed his nose against the horse’s nose.

Who is John Byro?

John Byro was an Assyrian farmer, who had learnt to speak Armenian out of loneliness. He said that his white horse had been stolen a month back and was not yet found. He was concerned because his four horse driven carriage was useless without a horse.

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Why didn’t John Byro believe the horse to be his?

Answer: John Byro although recognised his horse yet he did not claim for it because he thought that no member of Garaghlanian tribe could ever be a thief. Due to his profound believe he couldn’t blame the boys.

Why was the horse important for John Byro?

Without the horse, John Byro could not make any use of his surrey(a horse drawn pleasure carriage) , so in this way the horse was important for him.

What did John Byro feel on seeing the horse?

Answer: The farmer John Byro recognised his horse and kept looking at the horse very keenly . … Tooth for tooth it was the same horse. But he could not believe that the boys Aram and Mourad could have stolen his horse because their family was well known for their honesty .

What did John Byro mean when he said a suspicious man would believe his eyes instead of heart?

What did John Byro mean when he said, A suspicious man would believe his eyes instead of his heart. … But Byro was not a suspicious man,he was aware of the fact that the boys’ family was famed for their honesty, it had been the watermark of their family for several generations.

Who was Khosrove How did he react when John Byro said that his horse had been stolen?

How did uncle Khosrove react to John Byro’s complaint about the steal of his horse? Answer: John Byro was sad that his white horse had been stolen last month and it was missing even then. Instead of showing any sympathy, uncle Khosrove became very irritated and shouted: “It’s no harm.

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