How do you supple a horse?

One of the best things for creating suppleness in your horse is lateral work, and the most useful movements are shoulder-in, leg-yield and travers. If your horse is finding a movement difficult, keep the angle of the movement shallow and if you’re flexing his neck, exaggerate the neck positioning.

How do you bend a stiff horse?

How To Help Your Stiff Horse Bend

  1. Go on a large circle to the right.
  2. Pick a point somewhere along the arc of the circle, and turn onto a 6-meter circle.
  3. While on the small circle, think about your bending aids. …
  4. Ride the 6-meter circle a couple of times until your horse’s body conforms to its arc.

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How do you fix a stiff horse?

Walking your horse over raised poles daily can help to alleviate some stiffness by lifting his back, hips, shoulders and elbows, stifles and hocks. This also helps to strengthen and improve the suppleness involved in engagement and flexion.

What is suppleness in horse riding?

Suppleness simply means the ability to bend without stiffness. We want the horse to have loose, pliable joints: his hocks, his hips, his knees, his shoulders, his poll and his jaw. … Others have long, lean muscles, long necks, and perfect shoulder and hip angles that make bending their joints very easy for them.

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What causes a horse to be stiff?

Stiff or rigid limbs can result from a variety of injuries or illnesses such as foot soreness, muscle soreness, abdominal pain (colic), chest pain, or many other other neurologic or muscular diseases. This condition becomes more evident when a horse moves forward.

What can you give a horse for stiff joints?

Incorporate a complete joint supplement into your horse’s diet. A high-quality joint supplement should contain effective levels of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, key nutrients necessary for maintenance of normal joint function.

How do you know if your horse has kissing spine?

Veterinarians typically diagnose kissing spines using a combination of clinical signs and X rays of the horse’s back. X rays are the best way to assess the distance between spinous processes and to look for evidence of problems in the bones, such as increased density or cysticlike lesions.

How do you build up a horse’s topline?

“Start by asking the horse to hold it for only two seconds, and over a period of weeks build that up to a 10-second hold in each position.” Five repetitions of each exercise before riding—not after, when the muscles are tired—make for a great topline-building workout.

How do you fit an older horse?

Feel-Good Work for Your Senior Horse

  1. Gentle hill work is a great way to help keep your senior horse strong and happy.
  2. You can use a round pen or longe line to begin your senior horse’s warm-up. …
  3. A relaxing walk on a draped rein is ideal for warming up and as the foundational “long, slow distance work” of your senior horse’s exercise program.
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What are the scales of training in horse riding?

The scales of training — rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness and collection — are the stepping stones we use to train our horses. They help us evaluate where our horses are in their education, and form the basis of how judges assess dressage tests.

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