Your question: How do you set up a horse syndicate?

How do you start a horse syndicate?

Horse Racing Syndicates

  1. Horse Racing Syndicates Checklist. Define your Syndicate. …
  2. Define your Syndicate. The first thing you need to ask yourself is why are you starting a syndicate. …
  3. Pick your Members wisely. …
  4. Set up a Management Plan. …
  5. Ensure Everyone is On Board. …
  6. Make it Happen. …
  7. Conclusion.

How does horse syndication work?

Horse syndication involves the process of selling shares in a racehorse such that ownership of the horse is split between two or more part-owners.

What does it mean for a horse to be syndicated?

1. What is syndication? In a horse ownership syndication, a group of people comes together to purchase ownership in a promising horse for a professional event rider. The ownership not only covers the actual cost to buy the horse, but also the annual costs needed to maintain the horse.

What percentage of prize money do horse trainers get?

What about prize money? Trainers do get their fair share of prize-money, approximately ten-percent of owners earnings when winning a race, and less than six-percent of placed prize-money.

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How much is it to buy a racing horse?

The average sales price of a racehorse is $76,612. The average price for a two-year-old thoroughbred in training is $94,247, and the average cost for a yearling is $84,722. Racehorse prices are relative to the overall economy when times are good, horse prices rise.

What does it mean that Secretariat was syndicated?

Secretariat was syndicated for breeding after he won the Triple Crown, and Chenery, after years of getting ordinary horses from mares she sent to the stallion, sold her lifetime share a couple of years ago. … Long before Secretariat’s recent problem, Chenery felt that she made one mistake in sending him to stud.

Who is the fastest horse in history?

This week’s Triple Crown™ winner is the fastest horse in history, Secretariat who clinched the Triple Crown™ in 1973. The one who broke a 25-year drought, Secretariat became the first Triple Crown™ winner since 1948.

What’s another word for horse?

other words for horse

  • colt.
  • filly.
  • mare.
  • stallion.
  • foal.
  • nag.
  • plug.
  • pony.

What does it mean to syndicate something?

: to sell (something, such as a piece of writing, comic strip, or photograph) to many different newspapers or magazines for publication at the same time. : to sell (a series of television or radio programs) to many different stations at the same time.

Who is the richest horse trainer?


Rank Trainer Name Earnings
1 Dale Baird $35,326,403
*2 Steven M. Asmussen $352,161,654
*3 Jerry Hollendorfer $202,842,768
4 Jack C. Van Berg $85,925,482

Do horse owners pay tax on winnings?

For a “hobby” racehorse owner winnings are not taxable, no matter how large these may be. NSW winnings for 2016-17 amounted to $210,709, 314. … A syndicate can have up 20 members who are also not liable for capital gains tax on that horse, not matter how much they sell the horse for.

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What is the starting salary for a horse trainer?

Horse trainers earn an average hourly wage of $11.49. Salaries typically start from $9.37 per hour and go up to $20.43 per hour.

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