Where does the Dales pony come from?

History of the Dales Pony. The Dales Pony is a native of the upper dales of the eastern slopes of the Pennine range, from the High Peak in Derbyshire to the Cheviot Hills near the Scottish Border, where a lead mining industry flourished from Roman times until the mid-nineteenth century.

Where do Fell ponies come from?

The Fell Pony is a versatile, working breed of mountain and moorland pony originating in the north of England in Cumberland and Westmorland farms of northwest England, and is used as a riding and driving pony.

Are Dales ponies endangered?

The Dales pony almost became extinct during the Second World War, but post-war conservation efforts have had some success in rebuilding the population.

What is the difference between a Fell pony and a Dales pony?

Nowadays I believe the main differences are height, Fells are usually up to 14hh, whereas Dales are usually slightly larger, up to 14.2hh, or Colour/ markings, Registered Dales are usually black,bay,bay roan (rare) or sometimes a dark dappled grey (quite rare I think.)

How much does a Dales pony cost?

They will range in price as foals between $5,000 and $7,000 and are all Section A. Email for individual prices and information. Merlin is out of our Purebred Dales Pony stallion Dykedale Winston and our Purebred Friesian mare Mariah.

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What age do Fell ponies stop growing?

New Member. Not sure about fells but I have a highland and have been told they are not fully grown until 6/7 years. Mine was 11.2 at 6 months, around 12.3 at 2 years, he’s now rising 3 and 13.2 (14.1 at his bum!!).

Are Fell Ponies good for beginners?

Easily trained and good with people, fell ponies are great riding ponies, known for their sure-footed trot and good hock action, and for their pace and endurance. … Fewer than a dozen people keep ponies on the fells now, some with only three or four animals, and only three breeders have more than 20 mares.

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