What was the name of Little Joe’s horse on Bonanza?

Cochise is Little Joe’s beautiful Paint Horse with spotting pattern of white and black. The horse is named after the famous Indian Cochise.

What were the horses names on Bonanza?

The horses of Bonanza. Ben/Buck; Little Joe/Cochise; Hoss/Chub; and Adam/Sport.

How many different horses did little Joe have on Bonanza?

Q: On “Bonanza,” why did Michael Landon have so many different Paint horses, at least four, and sometimes two in one episode? A: According to several “Bonanza” websites, Landon — who played Little Joe on the long-running western — had more than a dozen horses playing his mount over the course of the show.

What was Hoss’s horse’s name?

Chub – Dan Blocker – Hoss

But they found one in Chub, a dark bay, Appendix Quarter Horse, with 3 white socks and a blaze.

Did Ben Cartwright and Matt Dillon ride the same horse?

62 What horse was ridden by Marshall Matt Dillon? The Buck of ‘Gunsmoke’ was in fact the very same Buck as was ridden by Ben Cartwright in ‘Bonanza’. Lorne Greene actually bought Buck (whose real name was Dunny Waggoner) when the ‘Gunsmoke’ series ended.

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How did horse die on Bonanza?

His cause of death wasn’t revealed until the 1988 made-for-television movie, Bonanza: The Next Generation, which didn’t star any of the original cast members. In the film, it was explained that Hoss had drowned trying to save a woman’s life.

How did Little Joe die on Bonanza?

He died of cancer of the liver and pancreas, said a spokeswoman for Jay Eller, his lawyer. Mr. Landon announced his medical condition on April 5, telling reporters: “I am going to fight it.

Does Little Joe ever get married on Bonanza?

Little Joe got married in an episode called “Forever,” which aired Sept. 12, 1972. By the end of the show he was a widower.

Is the Ponderosa real?

The Ponderosa was the fictional setting for Bonanza. According to the 9th episode (“Mr. Henry Comstock”) in the first season, it was a thousand-square mile (640,000 acre or 2,600 km2) ranch on the shores of Lake Tahoe, nestled high in the Sierra Nevada, with a large ranch house in the center of it.

Could James Arness ride a horse?

Arness was terribly shy and had almost no training as an actor. A wartime leg wound made it painful for him to mount a horse. But he became the best-known tin star of his era, portraying the towering, weathered marshal for 20 years, from 1955 to 1975.

Can Dan Blocker ride a horse?

Chub was a large horse who weighted 1250 lbs. and stood 15.3 hands, or 5’3” tall from the ground to his withers. He was selected both for his temperament and for his ability to carry a man of Dan Blocker’s imposing weight and stature.

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What happened on the last episode of Bonanza?

January 16, 1973

Who played Cochise on Bonanza?


Episode cast overview:
Lorne Greene Ben Cartwright
Jeff Morrow Cochise
DeForest Kelley Captain Moss Johnson
Stacy Harris Col. Clinton Wilcox

Who was the best horsemen in Hollywood?

The world recognizes Ben Johnson as a cowboy. Not just a movie cowboy, but as a bona-fide, real-life cowboy. He is as well known and respected at ranches and rodeos as he is in Hollywood, where he has worked for almost 50 years in the motion-picture business. Ben was born in Foracre, Okla., on June 13, 1918.

How was Kitty written off Gunsmoke?

(AP) _ Amanda Blake, who played Miss Kitty in the long-running ″Gunsmoke″ television series, died of AIDS-related complications, not cancer as previously reported, her doctor said Monday. Blake did have throat cancer, but ″that wasn’t the reason that she died,″ said Dr. Lou Nishimura, a Sacramento internist.

Why did Chester call Matt Mr Dillon?

He also said that because he was supposed the sidekick, they told him that Chester needed something to separate himself from Matt. So Weaver came up with the idea of giving Chester his famous limp. … Chester always referred to Matt as “Mr. Dillon”, and Festus always referred to him as “Matthew”.

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