What kind of sand do you put in a horse arena?

Riding arena surfaces should contain cleaned and screened, medium to coarse, hard, sharp sand. Fine sand will break down more readily into small enough particles to be lofted as dust. “Cleaned” means the material has been washed of silt and clay, making the sand less compactable and less dusty.

What is equestrian sand?

Sand is the most important ingredient for an equestrian surface. … Sand is classified by its size, rather than what type of mineral it is. Sand sizes range from 4.76 to 0.074 mm. It is smaller than gravel and larger than silt/clay.

How many tons of sand do you need for a horse arena?

You need 96 tons for an average depth of 2 inches, You will need 144 tons for a 3 inch average dept.

Is concrete sand good for horse arenas?

Concrete sand may be more suited for disciplines that require more slide than traction. … Washed sand will have less dust, but it will also have less traction, less compaction, and less shear strength (the horse’s hoof going through the surface). Be careful when choosing washed sands.

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How do you prepare ground for horse arena?

When building your horse arena, you will need to start with the sub-base. To develop an effective sub base, we will need to excavate at least six inches of soil, leaving the area where you will put your arena several inches below the rest of the ground. This process is often referred to as boxing out.

Is Sand bad for horses?

Sand particles cling to the roots and stems of ingested plants, and this heavy, indigestible material can accumulate in the horse’s gut. With some horses, a small amount of sand causes recurrent signs of colic. Other horses seem to tolerate a moderate load of intestinal sand with no problems.

What is the best sand for a horse round pen?

A nice medium sand is the best. Sometimes it is called 5/16ths minus. If the sand is too fine it can compact too much and become hard over time and also the wind can blow it away. If it is a bit too course it is a bit rough on the hoofs.

What does 1 ton of sand look like?

What does 1 ton of sand look like? It’s about 20.2 cubic feet of sand. * As a cube, it’s approximately 33 inches on each side.

How deep should a horse arena be?

Typically when we quote customers with our dust-free footing, we start with a minimum depth of 3.5 inches. This depth is great for ground work, walk trot canter, and dressage. If there is any jumping happening in the arena, we bump the depth up to 4 inches. The 4 inches is only recommended for lower level jumping.

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How much does a truckload of sand cost?

Sand Delivery Prices

A load of masonry sand, river sand, or granite sand will cost anywhere from $25 to $40 per ton. One ton of masonry sand or river sand will cover roughly 35 square feet, 1 inch thick. One ton of granite sand will cover about 75 square feet, 2 inches thick. Sand is great for drainage.

How much sand will I need?

Multiply the area by the depth of the excavation to obtain its volume: 36 * 0.5 = 18 cu yd . The volume of sand required is equal to the volume of excavation. Our sand calculator will display this value for you.

What is the best dirt for a horse arena?

A dirt-sand mix is a favorite footing for many Western disciplines, as it provides the right amount of traction, rebound, and “slide” without the tendency to compact and harden common with straight dirt or clay.

What is a good size for a horse arena?

According to experts, the minimum dimensions for an average horse arena should be no less than 60′ in width and interior heights ranging from 16′ to 18′ measuring ground up to the peak of the trusses. The recommended horse arena sizes are as follows: 80′ wide x 200′ long and 60′ wide by 120′ long.

How much does it cost to build a horse arena?

The cost to build a riding arena ranges from $50,000 to $500,000 for smaller sizes appropriate for dressage, compared to $100,000 to $1,000,000 for larger spaces.

Cost to Build Riding Arena by Size.

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Square Feet Price
20,000 $100,000 – $1,000,000
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