What is a horse combo rug?

A combo is a rug with the neck rug actually sewn permanently to the rug, such as this one illustrated. … Once your horse puts its head down to graze the neck rug will fall back into place and will not come back over the head on its own, but rather settle behind the ears giving maximum protection.

What are the different types of horse rugs?

There are 5 main types of rugs available.

  • Turnout Rugs. Using a turnout rug will help protect your horse from harsh weather conditions such as the cold, rain, wind and snow keeping them warm and dry. …
  • Stable Rugs. …
  • Mesh rugs. …
  • Sheets. …
  • Coolers.

What are horse rugs?

Horse rugs are extremely useful pieces of equipment and different types of rug can be used to protect your horse in different ways, keeping them warm, dry, clean or a combination of all three.

What is the difference between a stable rug and a turnout rug?

For this you will need a turnout rug, these come in different weights like a stable rug but have the added benefit of a waterproof layer to keep your horse dry. … With this in mind it is highly advisable to have at least one spare turnout rug to use on your horse whilst the other is drying in a barn or tack room.

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What are horse rugs made of?

Generally made from lightweight materials like cotton, mild weather stable rugs are designed to be worn indoors, whilst travelling in a horse box, or at the horse show to keep your horse warm and clean. These rugs may be plain, quilted or padded, but are not water proof which makes them unsuitable for outdoor use.

What weight should a horse rug be?

Mediumweight rugs are either 150g, 200g or 250g and will provide your horse with a nice level of warmth. Medium rugs contain a good amount of fill to keep your horse warm, while not being too heavy to cause any overheating. Heavyweight rugs are 300g + and are the best way of providing your horse with optimum warmth.

Why do horses wear rugs?

A horse naturally has a sleek coat which reflects the sun and a horse will seek shade when they are hot as a natural response. All large bodied animals, such as horses, take longer to cool down (and warm up) than smaller bodied animals. Rugs prevent any cooling breeze from cooling the body.

Should I rug my horse in the rain?

By providing constant access to hay in wet or cold weather the horse can heat itself internally. … If you do choose to rug your horse in really wet weather, perhaps after 24 hours of rain and wind which increases the chill factor, then that’s fine but remember to remove it as soon as the weather clears.

Do cobs need rugs in winter?

However, if your horse is a hairy beast he will only need a rug in the coldest, or wettest weather. Heavier breeds, such as cobs, are much tougher than thoroughbreds and may not need rugging. … Take your horse’s rug off everyday to check for sweat marks, as this is an indicator you are over-rugging him.

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What is a New Zealand rug?

Turnout rugs, also known as New Zealand rugs, are waterproof horse rugs used in the field. The Saddlery shop sells a great range of turnout rugs and horse blankets from top brands including Weatherbeeta, Horseware, Shires and Mark Todd.

Does my horse need a stable rug?

The horse’ daily routine – routine is a vital part horses health and wellbeing. A horse that is stabled and not able to move around as much to keep warm will need a rug compared with a horse that is turned out and can exercise to keep warm.

When should I rug my horse?

Does your horse really need to wear a rug?

  • Horses have a wide thermoneutral zone. …
  • This zone is huge compared to ours. …
  • Eating keeps them warm. …
  • Rugging unnecessarily leads to weight gain. …
  • They hold heat better than we do. …
  • Equines are designed to cope with the cold. …
  • Keeping warm is a balancing act. …
  • Don’t judge how warm they are by the ears.

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What does denier mean in horse rugs?

The denier rating refers the the thickness of the thread used to manufacture the fabric. A higher denier rating will result in a thicker fabric but is a higher denier better. … The fabric is also lower cost and you can have a high performing horse rug at a lower price.

Are stable rugs waterproof?

A stable rug is designed to keep the horse warm whilst stabled and is not waterproof as it is not designed for outside use. Stable rugs are breathable, allowing perspiration to evapourate, and are available in a variety of colours. …

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What is a turnout rug?

Turnout rugs are designed to keep the horse clean and dry when out in the field, and also warm during the winter. Turnout rugs have a waterproof synthetic outer material and many modern turnout rugs are made of “ripstop” material designed to be less prone to tearing and snagging.

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