What do you feed rescue horses?

Frequent, small amounts of quality alfalfa hay should be fed, with the amount of alfalfa slowly increasing for each meal. The number of feedings should decrease gradually over 10 days, and after 10 to 14 days, the horse can be given free-choice feeding.

How do you take care of a rescue horse?

As a general rule of thumb, the rescue horse should be fed pyrantel tartrate (daily wormer) for 2 – 4 weeks, then at 4 weeks, they should be given ivermectin according to the horse’s weight, then 6 – 8 weeks later, they should be wormed with fenbendazole, and then continue with a regular worming rotation program.

What should I feed my horse on box rest?

Recommended Products:

  1. Convalescent Muesli – An oat free muesli for horses in recovery or resting. …
  2. Ultimate Balancer – Ideal for good doers on box-rest to ensure they get all the vitamins and minerals they need. …
  3. Fibergy – A low-calorie blend of alfalfa and oat chaff, suitable for all horses and ponies.
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What is the best feed for senior horses?

The horse needs to be able to chew and break down the hay, so select good-quality, soft hay that isn’t overly mature; it shouldn’t have thick, fibrous stalks. Coleman has found that mixed grass-legume hay, such as orchard-alfalfa or timothy-alfalfa, is often a good choice.

What can you feed horses instead of hay?

Six Hay Alternatives for Horses

  1. Bagged chopped forage. It can replace all of your horse’s hay, if necessary.
  2. Hay cubes. Chopped cubed hay (usually alfalfa or timothy or a combination) is another 100-percent replacement. …
  3. Hay pellets. …
  4. “Complete” feed. …
  5. Beet pulp. …
  6. Soybean hulls.

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How can I put weight on my rescue horse?

As a guide, horses with a Body Condition Score (BCS) of 1, a good goal is to gain 0-1 pounds of body weight (BW) per day, horses with BCS of 2 a good goal is 1-2 pounds BW per day and BCS of 3 goal to gain 2 pounds BW per day. Adjust your desired DE levels as the horse continues to gain weight and condition.

Can I rescue a horse?

A reliable rescue will take good care of the horses, and be honest with you about their health and training. You can find approved horse rescues through the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

How do you keep a horse on box rest happy?

12 ways to help your horse cope with box rest

  1. Reduce concentrates and increase the fibre content of your horse’s diet.
  2. Consider adding a prebiotic or probiotic supplement to feeds to aid digestion.
  3. Hang hay nets in different places around the stable and/or place hay on the ground for more natural feeding.
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Should you box rest a lame horse?

Most vets nowadays will recommend box rest with a little controlled exercise and you may be advised to have your horse out of the stable for a few minutes every hour or so. This walking is beneficial in increasing the circulation and so prevents swelling.

How much hay should I feed my horse on box rest?

When a horse is on box rest the recommended feeding amount for the horse can be reduced by 100g per day. For example, if the horse normally has 500g per day, this can be reduced to 400g per day to take into account that the horse is on box rest and doesn’t require as much feed.

How much senior feed should I give my horse?

Do not feed less than 0.6 pounds per 100 pounds body weight of Equine Senior® horse feed per day when fed with hay to meet minimum daily requirements of protein, vitamins and minerals.

What can I feed my senior horse to gain weight?

Equine Senior Active is a high-calorie feed that is ideal for older horses that are still able to utilize long-stemmed forage. Ultium Competition, Omolene #200 and Omolene #500 are also calorie-dense feeds that may be helpful to help an older horse gain weight when fed with appropriate good quality hay and/or pasture.

Do horses miss their old owners?

Your horse might not care that someone else is doing the everyday chores. But research suggests they will take notice if they miss out on the emotional connection they’re used to. Some horses come to rely on their owners for comfort, and that connection can’t easily be replaced.

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Can horses live on just hay?

So to answer your question, yes, a horse can live on just hay and be perfectly healthy.

How long can horses go without hay?

Ideally, horses shouldn’t go more than 3-4 hours without foraging/grazing. I know my guys go longer periods during the evening, but they will still paw through the snow and find whatever they can to munch on.

Can you feed horses fresh cut hay?

You can feed fresh cut hay – but it isn’t good practice to do so. It is very rich and can make them scour. If they bolt it, it can impact and cause colic. Also if you have a lami prone one the extra sugar will probably result in an attack.

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