What did the narrator and his cousin do with the stolen horse in the end?

what did the narrator and his cusion do with the stolen horse in the end. very urgent. The narrator and his cousin returned the stolen horse to its rightful owner, John Byro. … So as a mark of acknowledgment for this wonderful gesture, the boys took the horse to Byro’s vineyard the following morning and put it in a barn.

What did the narrator do with the stolen horse and why did he decide to return the horse?

Stealing a horse for riding and fun was not the same as stealing and selling it for money. Hence, Mourad stole the horse and hid it in the barn. Pangs of conscience pricked them. Hence, they decided to return the horse to its rightful owner.

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What did the narrator and his cousin do after enjoying horse riding every morning?

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse,” Aram’s first horse ride begins when he is woken early one morning by his cousin, Mourad, and a “beautiful white horse.” … Finally, the boys take the horse to the barn of a deserted vineyard for safekeeping while Aram is determined to learn to ride as well as his cousin.

What did Aram and Mourad do with the stolen horse in the end and why?

They consider that stealing a horse for fun and riding is not stealing. After all, they are not going to sell it. But ultimately, the pride and honesty of their tribe overpower their childish pranks. … Ultimately, Aram and Mourad returned the horse to its rightful owner, John Byro.

Why did the cousins returned the horse to its true owner?

It was his family pride that would not let him steal. … He praised their family for its honesty. He trusted the boys as he knew their parents. Hence in order to uphold the family tradition and reputation, the boys returned the horse to its rightful owner.

Who was the real owner of the horse?

Explanation: Farmer John Byro was the real owner of the horse. Aram and Mourad came to know about this when he arrived at Aram’s house and told them about the stolen horse.

What made Mourad and Aram to return the horse to its owner?

Aram and Mourad finally returned the horse because although they loved the horse they were ashamed of themselves. They were touched by how much the owner of the horse trusted their family and how much their family was famous for being honest.

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Who was Uncle Khosrove?

Uncle Khosrov is the uncle of the protagonist Aram. He is notorious for his bad temper. He is highly impatient and set aside any problem without even listening to the details. When his son reported that their house is on fire, he shouted the same ‘It’s no harm, pay no attention to it’.

What did Uncle Khosrove do to stop anyone from talking?

Answer: Uncle Khosrove was irritable, impatient and furious in temper. He stopped anyone from talking by roaring: “It’s no harm; pay no attention to it”.

Who was John Byro?

John Byro was an Assyrian farmer, who had learnt to speak Armenian out of loneliness. He said that his white horse had been stolen a month back and was not yet found. He was concerned because his four horse driven carriage was useless without a horse.

Who was the spiritual father of Mourad?

Mourad’s father was Zorab, who was a practical man. Mourad was confident, curious and had adventurous interests which made him unlike his simple father. He was thought to be the natural descendent of their uncle Khusrove, who was an irritable and impatient man.

What had John Byro paid for his white horse?

Byro told him about his missing horse whom he bought at sixty dollars. For one month, he couldn’t find it and he walked for 10 miles to come to their house. Khosrove roared at him and told him, ‘it’s no harm, pay no attention to it.

Who stole the beautiful white horse and why?

Answer: The question is asked from the story The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse written by the writer William Saroyan. Mourad stole the horse because of the passion he carried with himself for the horses. All he wanted was to ride on the horses. He stole the horse from John Byro.

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How did Aram justify Mourad’s act of stealing a horse?

Moreover, seeing the passion he had for horses, Aram believed that taking the horse was justified. Aram justified Mourad’s act of stealing as it wasn’t stealing,as stealing a horse for a ride was not same as stealing money.It wouldn’t became stealing unless they offered to sell the horse…

Why was Aram unwilling to return the horse so soon?

Aram was unwilling to return the horse so soon because he wanted to learn riding at any cost. He wanted to keep the horse till he learnt how to ride it.

What personal interest did the narrator have in denying to return the horse to its owner?

Answer: In the story of The summer of the beautiful white horse, the narrator mainly requests his cousin not to return the horse for a while, just until he doesn’t learn to ride it. Mourad said that this could possibly take even a year. And that Mourad could not keep his horse for that long.

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