How do you style a white mule?

Up your casual look by wearing a beige vertical striped linen blazer and beige vertical striped linen dress pants. A pair of white mules adds a classy aesthetic to the ensemble. Choose a white eyelet jumpsuit for relaxed dressing with a modernized spin.

How do you style a flat white mule?

Check out these 10 chic ways to wear flat mules:

  1. Stone trench coat, 2. White graphic t-shirt, 3. …
  2. White star print shirt (similar), 2. Light wash distressed boyfriend jeans, 3. …
  3. White t-shirt, 2. …
  4. Black short sleeve shirt blouse, 2. …
  5. White sleeveless pleated hem blouse, 2. …
  6. White tunic shirt, 2. …
  7. Wide brim boater hat, 2.

26 авг. 2016 г.

How do you wear a white mule in the fall?


  1. Mini skirts and mules are a match made in heaven.
  2. Wear them with jeans (cropped, or folded) for a casual or funky look.
  3. Style your mules with a midi skirt for a more feminine look.
  4. Pair them with culottes to add an oomph of style.
  5. Wear a slip dress with your mules for a comfortable ensemble.
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How do you dress up a mule?

The best ways to style your heeled mules include:

  1. Wearing heeled mules with skinny jeans and a favourite top as a day-to-night outfit.
  2. Pairing them with wide-leg palazzo pants or linen trousers for a classic spring-summer look.
  3. Creating a feminine look with midi-skirts or knee-length dresses.

7 янв. 2020 г.

How do you wear a white mule in the winter?

Style your mules with a cozy sweater and flowy dress for an evening look that feels just fancy enough. Jeans make a dress and mules much more appropriate for chilly weather. Try layering tights with jeans and mules to add an extra layer of warmth.

Are flat mules in style?

It feels like we have a comeback of old trend and flat mules are among them. This nostalgic footwear design is so must-have. Last year we saw a major comeback of this style in fabulous high-heeled designs. … The flat version of mules looks really cute and weird.

Are mule shoes still in style?

On the flip side, mules are still going strong and have become a classic in every woman’s shoe collection.

Do you wear mules with socks?

You could say, however, that the semi-coverage of a closed-toe, open-back construction makes mules extra versatile, and actually ideal for fall’s transitional weather. And when temperatures drop even further, you can easily extend their wearability into the early months of winter by adding socks or tights.

How do you wear a mule without slipping?

How To Wear Backless Loafers Without Slipping Out Of Them

  1. Use no-slip shoe inserts. …
  2. Spray your feet with hairspray. …
  3. Use double sided tape. …
  4. Put deodorant on your feet. …
  5. Make the bottoms of the shoes less slippery.
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19 сент. 2016 г.

Are you supposed to wear socks with mules?

If you’re going with socks, think about whether you want to emphasize the mule with contrasting colored socks or have more of a sleek, monochromatic look where your mules and socks are the same color. Tights or thin trouser socks are a great option for a more classic, dressy look when temps are cooler.

Are mules comfortable to walk in?

Mules, whether high or low heel should not feel difficult to walk in. They should not feel clumsy or heavy during walking or seem to be ready to fall off the foot. The vamp of the mule should fit snugly as that is the only part of the shoe that will keep it on the foot.

Are mules bad for your feet?

” In addition to the extra weight on the front of your feet, you also have to curl your toes to make sure the shoe doesn’t fall off to the side every time you plant your foot down.” Heeled mules can leave you more susceptible to sprains, hammertoes, and bunions thanks to the constant flexing of your feet.

Are mules formal shoes?

Where To Wear Mules? Mules are stylish and comfortable but might not be so versatile. They don’t fall under the formal category, but if you have pulled off sneakers or loafers with suits before, then pairing mules with formals might not be too hard for you.

What season can you wear mules?

But you might miss out on some amazing styles without trying the out-of-season footwear, such as mules. With creativity and some inspiration, you can turn some of your beloved summer shoes into winter shoes and wear them all year round.

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What socks do you wear with mules?

Funky embroidered mules might be nicely balanced with ribbed crew socks, while satin peep-toe mules might work well with lacy fishnet ankle socks. Suffice it to say, there are many ways to skin a cat — and to keep your feet warm (or warm-er, anyway) when you’re rocking your new favorite shoes!

Should you wear socks with clogs?

Do you have to wear socks or hosiery with your clogs? No, you do not! With that said, if you live in a cold area of the country, you may want to wear socks to help keep your feet warm. You can certainly wear your clogs barefoot if that’s what you desire.

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