How do you know that Mourad had a way with his horse?

How do you know Mourad has a way with animals?

Mourad was really good with animals. He always had a way with them. He used to carefully learn about their behaviour and thus, was able to bring about an understanding with them which was clear and honest.

How does Mourad have a way with farmers dogs and horses?

The horse of Byro was behaving wildly, Mourad made it cool. The dogs in Byro’s farm did not bark at him. The little bird named robin was injured but was later made to fly when Mourad nursed it. That’s why Mourad said I have way with the horse.

How do you think Mourad had developed understanding with the horse?

How do you think, had Mourad developed an understanding with the horse and what was the result? Answer: Mourad had been quite tender and affectionate towards the horse. He would put his arms around it, press his nose into the horse’s nose and pat it.

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How does Mourad has a way with the dogs?

When Aram and Mourad went to put the horse in the barn of John Byro’s vineyards, the dogs followed them without making a sound. … Aram was scared that they might bark, but Mourad said “I have a way with dogs”. Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.

Why did Mourad steal the horse and then return it?

Mourad steal the horse because he always wanted to ride a horse. His passion for horses made him do so. … Mourad returned horse because he didn’t want to defame his tribe and also when they were on the way to Fetvajian’s deserted vineyard, they ran into the true owner of the horse who was John Byro.

Why is Byro sad?

John Byro was an Assyrian farmer who, out of loneliness, had learned to speak Armenian. He was sad because his white horse, which was stolen a month back, was still not found. Byro had a surrey a four-wheeled horse-drawn pleasure carriage having two or four seats which was of no use without a horse.

Why did Mourad say I have a way with horses and farmers?

This shows Mourad wants to show off his skills to aram that the way he can handle farmers aram can’t since both boys were youngsters and in their they want to show that they are capable of doing various activities since mourad doesn’t want aram to go ahead of him in any skills so he simply showoff him by saying that.

What changes did John Byro find in his horse?

John Byro found that his horse was stronger than ever and better tempered after it was returned to him, which was the work of Mourad. To John Byro’s surprise, the horse was even stronger and healthier. The reason for it being during the time spent with Mourad by the horse, it fed on alfa-alfa and oats.

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What is the usual saying of Mourad?

Mourad had a crazy streak in him. He had a zest for life and was happy and carefree. He was honest and truth-loving like the entire clan. He had a great love for horses and loved to ride one.

Who was John Byro and what was his problem?

John Byro was an Assyrian Farmer, who had learnt to speak Armenian out of loneliness. He said that his white horse had been stolen a mouth back and was not yet found. He was concerned because his four horse driven carriage was useless without a horse.

What was Aram’s reaction on seeing Mourad ride a beautiful white horse?

Answer: Aram was amazed to see the beautiful white horse with his cousin, Mourad on its back. Although he could see the horse in front of him, he could not believe his, and even rubbed them to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming.

How did Mourad and Aram spend time with horse?

Answer. Answer: Mourad had spent some time looking after the horse. He loved it even though it was not his own. When he left it in John Byro’s vineyard, he put his arms around his neck, pressed his nose into the horse’s nose and patted it.

Who was Uncle Khosrove?

Uncle Khosrov is the uncle of the protagonist Aram. He is notorious for his bad temper. He is highly impatient and set aside any problem without even listening to the details. When his son reported that their house is on fire, he shouted the same ‘It’s no harm, pay no attention to it’.

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What are two characteristics of Mourad?

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He was full of life and loved following his passions without caring for people around him. He could do anything to do the things he loved. He even risked his tribe’s reputation for his passion for riding. Mourad had the knack of handling almost any critical situation.

Who was John Byro?

John Byro was an Assyrian farmer, who had learnt to speak Armenian out of loneliness. He said that his white horse had been stolen a month back and was not yet found. He was concerned because his four horse driven carriage was useless without a horse.

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