Do horse trailers hold their value?

Do horse trailers hold their value? In most cases yes horse trailers do hold their resale value. A horse trailer that is about 10 years old, will generally hold between 55 to 76 percent of the original price paid.

How much do horse trailers depreciate?

Though there’s no real formula, dealers and manufacturers hold annual meetings, keeping in close touch with each other about trailer prices. They generally agree that first-year depreciation is between 10 and 20 percent.

Is there a Kelley Blue Book for horse trailers?

An organization called the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA) has been formed to develop the equivalent of the “Kelly Blue Book” for horse trailers. The “book” will be called the Trailer Appraisal Guide (TAG) with the goal of bringing structure and consistency to the horse trailer market.

What should I look for in a used horse trailer?

5 Things to Check Before You Buy a Used Trailer

  1. Check the Chassis. The chassis is the base frame that forms the foundation of your horse trailer. …
  2. Inspect the Exterior, Seams, and Tires. …
  3. Think Like a Horse. …
  4. Scan the Storage. …
  5. Engage the Electrical.
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What is the best brand of horse trailer?

Only the best ones offer high-quality trailers that withstand the test of time and are designed to fit different lifestyles.

  • 4-Star Trailers.
  • Cimarron.
  • Sundowner Trailers.
  • Featherlite Inc.
  • Adam Trailers.
  • Merhow.
  • Elite Trailers.
  • Hart Trailers.

Are shadow horse trailers any good?

The quality is superior to most other trailers around. All the amenities and they paid great attention to detail! We love it, we are a horse show family and take out often …. so it gets is use and living up to its name! We have the larger rear tack with removable saddle racks and LOVE IT!

Who makes Exiss horse trailers?

As one of the fastest growing aluminum trailer manufacturers in North America, Exiss is now part of Universal Trailer Corporation, the leading specialty trailer company in the United States. Universal offers an impressive family of trailer brands including Exiss, Sooner, Miley, Haulmark and Featherlite trailers.

Is a horse trailer with living quarters considered an RV?

Yes, a horse trailer with living quarters is considered an RV when the living quarters contain a bed, stove, bathroom, and sink. Without these amenities, it would be considered a trailer.

How are horse trailers measured?

Do I measure it from the nose back or from the floor back? It’s common in the RV world to measure a trailers overall length from hitch to rear. Horse trailer folks adapted this floor length measurement, and if it’s an LQ trailer they just use the measurment of the shortwall, and number of horses.

What should I look for when buying a horse float?

If you opt for a used horse float, check for rust, especially on the floor and underbody. There should also be a separate door on the side for access without opening the tailgate. Make sure you know the weight of your horse, or if you’re buying a float for two, you’ll have to know the weight of both.

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How do I choose a horse trailer?

The first thing you should do when you consider the size of a trailer is look at the height, weight, and breed of your horse. Find a trailer where your horse is going to fit both comfortably and safely. If the space is overly large, your horse will be able to shift around too much during travel.

How long do utility trailers last?

Utility Trailer Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your utility trailer will keep it in great shape and last years to come. A well-maintained trailer can have a life expectancy of 15 years or longer; depending on frequency and type of use.

Are aluminum horse trailers safe?

In the event of an accident, an all-aluminum trailer may not offer the same level of protection as a steel trailer. While aluminum trailers will not rust, aluminum is prone to corrode, especially when doused in horse urine and manure, according to the Horse Journal.

How much does horse trailer cost?

A livestock trailer can cost $4,000-$50,000 or more, depending on size, weight, materials and type of hitch. For example, a 16′, bumper-pull, all-aluminum Exciss STC 16 B[3] sells for $12,000-$14,000. Used horse trailers start about $1,000, according to[4] .

What is the biggest horse trailer?

Rivenlee 48-Ft 7-Horse Trailer

Australian trailer company Rivenlee’s 48-Foot 7-Horse Trailer is the largest of the luxury horse trailers on this list, one of the most well-stocked, and a true sight to behold.

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