Your question: At what time did Aram and Mourad ride the horse?

Answer. Answer: Mourad brought a white horse to Aram’s house at four in the morning and asked him to jump out of the window if he wanted to enjoy riding the horse.

Where did Mourad and Aram spend time with the horse?

Answer: Mourad had spent some time looking after the horse. He loved it even though it was not his own. When he left it in John Byro’s vineyard, he put his arms around his neck, pressed his nose into the horse’s nose and patted it.

When Aram attempts to ride the horse what happens Mcq?

When Aram attempts to ride the horse, what happens? Aram becomes frightened and jumps off the horses back. Mourad spooks the horse so it runs away. The two ride gently through the fields in the beautiful morning light.

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How was Aram first horse ride?

Aram’s first horse ride is an eventful one. First, Aram is awakened by his cousin Mourad, who is seated on a beautiful white horse. After he recovers from his surprise, Aram dresses quickly and leaps down to the yard from his window. Then, he jumps up onto the horse behind Mourad.

When Aram rode the horse alone it ran down the road to the?

It ran down the road to the vineyard and began to leap over the vines. The horse leaped over seven vines before the narrator was thrown down.

Who was the real owner of the horse?

Explanation: Farmer John Byro was the real owner of the horse. Aram and Mourad came to know about this when he arrived at Aram’s house and told them about the stolen horse.

Who was Uncle Khosrove?

Uncle Khosrov is the uncle of the protagonist Aram. He is notorious for his bad temper. He is highly impatient and set aside any problem without even listening to the details. When his son reported that their house is on fire, he shouted the same ‘It’s no harm, pay no attention to it’.

How did Uncle Khosrove react?

Uncle Khosrove became very irritated. He shouted as usual: “It is no harm. What is the loss of a horse?” He shouldn’t pay any attention to it. The story revolves around the characters who belong to a tribe in Armenia.

Did boy Aram succeed in learning horse riding?

Answer. No Aram despite of his efforts to ride the horse could not do so! He tried doing it multiple times. … Therefore his efforts and wish to learn to ride a horse were not totally fulfilled!

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Who said we are sinking?

Explanation: This question is from the chapter We aren’t Afraid to Die… If We Can All be Together by Gordon Cook and Alan East. Mary shouted this sentence after the Wavewalker had been hit hard by the gigantic wave; the boat had been flooded with water.

How did Mourad enjoy the horse riding?

Answer: Mourad brought a white horse to Aram’s house at four in the morning and asked him to jump out of the window if he wanted to enjoy riding the horse. Aram was shocked to see the horse; however, he put his shock aside and jumped out of the window to enjoy the riding.

Why did the boys return the horse to its owner?

Answer: The boys returned the horse to Byro not because they were fraid but because their conscience pricked them. … John Byro recognized his horse but refused to believe that Mourad and Aram had stolen it.

Where did Mourad take the horse to hide?

Mourad hided the horse in a barn of an abandoned or deserted vineyard . It was once a possesion of a farmer named Fetvajian .

Why didn’t Mourad let the narrator rode the horse alone at first?

Answer. Answer: Mourad let the narrator ride the horse alone at first because the narrator was being false about knowing how to ride a horse. He wanted Aram to go first and then he could go next and show how to ride a horse.

Why was Aram unwilling to return the horse so soon?

Aram was unwilling to return the horse so soon because he wanted to learn riding at any cost. He wanted to keep the horse till he learnt how to ride it.

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Where did they hide the horse and why?

They hid the horse in old barn of a deserted vineyard, where they found some food for the horse like oats. John Bryo was an Assryian farmer whose horse was stolen by Aram and Mourad. He was a good friend of their family and he made the children realise that the act of stealing was bad deed.

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