What kind of horse did Doc West ride?

West shoots and kills Garvey. A wartime leg wound made it painful for him to mount a horse. The Paint Horse was a very popular breed with the American Indian due to its white markings and its ability to run like the wind.

What breed of horse does Doc West ride?

Texas cowboys whose palate was not satisfied by riding hardy but ratty mustang types, brought in their cow pony mares to improve the stature of their stock.

Where was Doc West filmed?

Production values, including some daunting skyscapes and mountains (it was shot in New Mexico), reflect the filmmakers’ respect for John Ford, particularly cinematographer Massimiliano Trevis for his Monument Valley-like compositions.

Who played Doc West?

Minnesota “Doc” West (Terence Hill) is sending money (each bill marked with an “E”) to a boarding school in Boston in a post office at Santa Fe, New Mexico.

How old is Terence Hill?

82 years (March 29, 1939)

Where does Terence Hill live?

Terence lives in Massachusetts and is a film producer, as well as talented and respected actor.

How did Ross Hill die?

Hill died at the age of 17 years in the early hours of 29 September 1990 when he was involved in a fatal road accident while walking home from the funeral and wake of his friend Simon Trant in the nearby town of Totnes.

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What nationality is Terence Hill?

Теренс Хилл/Гражданство

Were Bud Spencer and Terence Hill friends?

Actor commemorates long-time friend and co-star

“The reason is that we respected and loved one another, and always had a good time together”. Hill also recounted how he first met Spencer on the set of the 1967 Spaghetti Western film written and directed by Giuseppe Colizzi ‘God Forgives… I Don’t!’

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