What is a TheraPlate for horses?

TheraPlate is the Official Therapy Plate of the U.S. Equestrian, and for good reason. The patented TheraPlate is proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain, and aid in the prevention of injury.

How does a TheraPlate work?

TheraPlate uses small, circular movements to stimulate muscle contraction and increase circulation. TheraPlate Works from the inside out to yield powerful results with no negative impact to the joints. This dynamic movement is exclusive to TheraPlate and is much more advanced than vibration therapy.

What are horse solariums for?

Horse Solariums have the ability to improve and develop the well being of horses quite effectively and efficiently. Solariums are often used before exercise and after in order to warm up and prepare horse’s back muscles. They are also used to dry off horses who have been training in wet and damp weather conditions.

What is a horse treadmill?

Horse treadmills operate much like human treadmills but on a much larger scale. As opposed to the round pen or racetrack work, the horse is moving forward on a cushioned moving belt at a known speed. Treadmill work takes out variables like weather, rider error, footing issues, or inconsistent pace.

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What is Magna wave for horses?

Magna Wave PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy uses a gently pulsing magnetic field to help restore cellular health by stimulating cell metabolism.

How much is a TheraPlate?

Try TheraPlate today. Contact us to arrange a no-obligation trial. Financing is also available and with payments starting at $175 monthly there is simply no reason not to give your horses the TheraPlate advantage.

What is Magna wave treatment?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) is a form of magnetic energy therapy that helps cells of the body function more appropriately enhancing their efforts to repair and improve function in organ tissues and body systems. Healing and improved function leads to better health and quality of life.

What is the solarium?

: a glass-enclosed porch or room also : a room (as in a hospital) used especially for sunbathing or therapeutic exposure to light.

What are the disadvantages of treadmill?

Disadvantages to Using a Treadmill

They can be expensive, with some models over $2000. The cushioned surface of the treadmill may still inflict too much of a jarring impact on the back or stress the hip, knee, and ankle joints. Testing the surface and rebound is critical. They can take up a lot of space.

How many horsepower should a treadmill have?

As a general rule of thumb, it is always best to go for a treadmill that has at least a 1.5hp (continuous duty) motor. If you are looking to run on the machine regularly, or are over 120kg, then a minimum of 2hp is recommended. Always check the maximum user weight rating first before buying a machine.

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What is equine hydrotherapy?

Equine hydrotherapy uses water as a method of providing rehabilitation following an injury, as well as being used to help build and maintain fitness in some cases. Types of hydrotherapy suitable for horses include swimming, water treadmills and static spas, as well as traditional cold hosing of limbs.

Does Magna Wave work on horses?

Magna Wave is widely used in the show circuit to help horses perform better and recover faster from competition.

How do I get PEMF certified?

How Do I Get PEMF Certified? Certification training will include both online and in-person training. Upon completion of training, you will be given a test to assess your knowledge and understanding. The test will comprise of both a written and practical test.

What does PEMF therapy do?

PEMF therapy can improve athletic performances, reduce inflammation, stimulate cell metabolism and help you recover faster from an injury. Furthermore, PEMF therapy increases the cellular level of oxygen absorption by up to 200%. This reduces pain associated with lack of sufficient oxygen.

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