Quick Answer: What is the name of the horse in the summer of beautiful white horse?

He called Aram, who jumped out of his bed and still couldn’t believe what he saw out of the window. It was dawn and there was light enough outside to make him see outside what made him believe he wasn’t dreaming. My cousin Mourad was sitting on a beautiful white horse.

What was the name of horse according to Mourad?

Mourad said that they called it “My Heart’. John Byro appreciated it as a lovely name for a lovely horse. He was ready to swear that it was the horse that was stolen hum him many weeks ago.

What does the white horse symbolize in the summer of the beautiful horse?

Answer: The white horse symbolizes the wishes of Aram and Mourad, which they wanted to be they want to be trustworthy and honest, and have beauty, freedom, gland wealth in their lives as well.

Who were Aram and Mourad?

Aram and Mourad are the two characters of summer of a beautiful horse. Aram is known as a narrator of this story. He is extremely mindful and also understands the financial conditions of the house. Mourad is the cousin of the Aram who has a passion for horse and also has compelling to the horse.

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How old is Mourad?

One morning Aram is awakened at four in morning by his thirteen-year-old cousin Mourad, who is thought to be demented by everyone except Aram, and has a way with animals.

What message does the story the summer of the beautiful white horse convey?

The summer of the beautiful white horse conveys the message of honesty and integrity as they did not steal anything even though they were very poor , Also they never took advantage of any one . Their family was famous for its honesty.

Who was John Byro?

John Byro was an Assyrian farmer, who had learnt to speak Armenian out of loneliness. He said that his white horse had been stolen a month back and was not yet found. He was concerned because his four horse driven carriage was useless without a horse.

What is the irony in the summer of beautiful white horse?

what is the irony in the story “the summer of the beautiful white horse” by william saroyan. In “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse,” the irony lies in the fact that Mourad, a member of the Garoghlanian family, steals a white horse. This is ironic because the family is locally renowned for its honesty.

What does the white horse symbolizes?

White horses have a special significance in the mythologies of cultures around the world. They are often associated with the sun chariot, with warrior-heroes, with fertility (in both mare and stallion manifestations), or with an end-of-time saviour, but other interpretations exist as well.

How did Mourad and Aram spend time with horse?

Answer. Answer: Mourad had spent some time looking after the horse. He loved it even though it was not his own. When he left it in John Byro’s vineyard, he put his arms around his neck, pressed his nose into the horse’s nose and patted it.

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Who is Mourad?

Mourad is a thirteen-year-old kid from the Garoghlanian tribe which is famous for honesty. Mourad is an adventurous and active kid for which he is mistaken to be crazy as he is said to have inherited that from his uncle Khosrove. The story also shows that he loves animals and is capable of taming them.

Why did Mourad steal the horse?

Mourad stole the horse for fulfilling his dreams. According to Mourad and Aram, it was not stealing as long as they did not sell the white horse off to anyone in exchange of money. Mourad stole the horse because it was his dream to ride horse and he wanted to fulfill his dream.

Who was the real owner of the horse?

Explanation: Farmer John Byro was the real owner of the horse. Aram and Mourad came to know about this when he arrived at Aram’s house and told them about the stolen horse.

Why is Byro sad?

John Byro was an Assyrian farmer who, out of loneliness, had learned to speak Armenian. He was sad because his white horse, which was stolen a month back, was still not found. Byro had a surrey a four-wheeled horse-drawn pleasure carriage having two or four seats which was of no use without a horse.

Why did the boys return the horse to its owner?

Answer: The boys returned the horse to Byro not because they were fraid but because their conscience pricked them. … John Byro recognized his horse but refused to believe that Mourad and Aram had stolen it.

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