Quick Answer: What is a horse passport number?

What does a green horse passport mean?

different passporting agencies have different colours, your green passort will mean he is a fully registered welsh if it was issued by wpcs. 30 May 2013.

What is a horses Ueln number?

The UELN (Universal Equine Life Number) is a project of a common language between all the horse registering organisations. They all have their own independent system of identification for their horses, which makes the exchange of data quite difficult.

Is horse passport proof of ownership?

The horse passport does not constitute proof of ownership of the horse. It is a requirement under the Horse Passport Legislation to register a change of ownership with the relevant Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) within 30 days of acquiring a horse. It is an offense to sell a horse without a passport.

What is an FEI passport?

The identification of horses is essential not only for the purpose of competing in FEI events, but also to move horses across borders. In order to compete at FEI events, horses must have either: an FEI Passport or. a national passport that has been approved by the FEI and an FEI Recognition Card.

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Is it illegal to sell a horse without a passport?

Buying & Selling An Equine: It is illegal to sell an equine without handing over the passport at the time of sale so if no passport is available the seller must obtain one before the sale goes ahead. … If you wish to sell the animal within those 30 days you must register your ownership first.

Can you insure a horse without a passport?

Well-Known Member. A lot of insurers ask for the passport number now. The other thing is that you can get a heavy fine if there is a spot check on passports at your yard….and yes they do happen sometimes. Please sort this out with the owner without delay so you don’t risk the chance of an enormous fine.

What proves ownership of a horse?

However, certain documents can go towards evidencing ownership in the eyes of the courts. These include a purchase receipt, your historic bills from vets or farriers and old insurance documents. In an ideal world, when you buy a horse, both parties should sign a contract.

What age can you legally own a horse?

The law re animal ownership is that a child under 16 cannot buy an animal without parental consent.

How do you transfer ownership of a horse?

Transferring a Registered Horse

  1. Horses can only be transferred to current Competitor, Participant, Supporter or Commercial members.
  2. The new owner of the horse is required to send in the original Certificate of Registration and any competition licences along with the transfer fee specified in the Scale of Fees.
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How do I get a horse passport?

How to apply. Apply through a Passport Issuing Organisation ( PIO ). If you have a pedigree animal, you need to register through a PIO that manages studbooks. You need a vet to implant a microchip in your horse before you can apply.

How much is an FEI passport?

The FEI require all horses and riders to have an annual registration before they can compete at any international level. Registrations are valid from January to December and cost £17 per horse and £17 per rider and, once registered, FEI numbers will need to be entered on your entry forms.

How do I get a replacement horse passport?

Contact the PIO that issued the original passport to request a duplicate or replacement. If you do not know which PIO this is, you can apply for a duplicate or replacement from another PIO . Apply to a PIO that manages studbooks if you have a pedigree.

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