How did Aram justify that their stealing of the horse wasn’t actually stealing?

Aram did not believe that the act of stealing a horse was as serious as the stealing of money. Aram considered the stealing of money as more offensive act. Moreover, he tried to justify themselves by saying that they were only enjoying the ride and not selling the horse for money.

How did Aram justify the act of stealing the horse?

Moreover, seeing the passion he had for horses, Aram believed that taking the horse was justified. Aram justified Mourad’s act of stealing as it wasn’t stealing,as stealing a horse for a ride was not same as stealing money.It wouldn’t became stealing unless they offered to sell the horse…

How and why did Aram justify Mourad’s action of stealing the horse?

Aram justifies the act of stealing the horse to himself by deciding that taking a horse in order to go for a ride on it is not at all the same as stealing other, tangible things, “such as money.” Having identified this as a mental justification, Aram goes further, questioning whether stealing a horse is really stealing …

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Can Stealing be justified for any reason discuss Aram and Mourad’s stealing of a horse in the light of this statement?

Answer. Answer: Aram and Mourad justification over stealing of horse: … It could be considered as stealing, only if he and Mourad has the intention to make money out of it by selling the horse.

How did little Aram define stealing?

When it came to riding, Aram, was as passionate and fanatic as his cousin, Mourad. He justified horse stealing by thinking stealing a horse for riding was not actual stealing. Keeping their craziness for horses in mind, stealing horse would be condoned to them. It would be stealing if they would sell the horse.

Can the act of stealing be ever justified?

The act of stealing can never be justified according to the story the summer of the beautiful horse. Explanation: however there is a certain condition in which a person is compelled to still certain things from other. One of the thing is the beauty and the wealth.

Can Stealing be justified for any reason?

Answer: no…. stealing can not be justified in any way… as someone could be hurted due to this.

How and why did Aram justify riding the white horse?

Stealing is unheard of in their clan. When Mourad arrives with the horse in the middle of night, Aram is forced to justify how the animal came to be in his possession. … If they decided to sell it, which would never enter their minds, then the line would be crossed, and the animal would be considered stolen goods.

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How did Aram the narrator?

How did Aram, the narrator, fare in his solo ride? Answer: Aram leaped to the back of the horse, but it did not move. Then he kicked into the muscles of the horse.

Who was Uncle Khosrove?

Uncle Khosrov is the uncle of the protagonist Aram. He is notorious for his bad temper. He is highly impatient and set aside any problem without even listening to the details. When his son reported that their house is on fire, he shouted the same ‘It’s no harm, pay no attention to it’.

Why did the boys return the horse to its owner?

Answer: The boys returned the horse to Byro not because they were fraid but because their conscience pricked them. … John Byro recognized his horse but refused to believe that Mourad and Aram had stolen it.

Who was the true owner of the horse?

Answer. Explanation: Farmer John Byro was the real owner of the horse.

How long ago did you steal this horse Aram ask Mourad’s response?

Aram too was very crazy about horse riding. But riding a stolen horse both delighted and frightened him. He justified Mourad’s action saying that taking out a horse just for a joy-ride could not be called stealing until they offered to sell it. 5.

What was the narrator view about stealing?

The narrator Aram had a very much different view about stealing. According to him, stealing means taking away money from someone. He told that taking away the horse was not actually stealing because they will use it and then return it. It is no harm in taking away the other things rather than money.

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Who were Aram and Mourad?

Aram and Mourad are the two characters of summer of a beautiful horse. Aram is known as a narrator of this story. He is extremely mindful and also understands the financial conditions of the house. Mourad is the cousin of the Aram who has a passion for horse and also has compelling to the horse.

Which tribe did Aram belong to what was the image of this tribe?

Aram and Mourad belonged to the Garoghlanian tribe of Armenia. This tribe was known for its truthfulness, honesty as well as integrity. They were so reputed in terms of honesty that John Byro on knowing that it was his horse that Mourad had stolen, decided to believe in his heart and say that the horse wasn’t his.

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